From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips


The Different Advantages Of Choosing A Metal Roof For Your Commercial Building

When it comes to choosing a roof for your commercial building, there's a lot to consider. Your commercial roof will be the first line of defense against the vagaries of the weather, including heavy rain, high winds, hailstorms, heavy snow, and extreme temperatures. It's also one of the first things people will see when they enter your commercial establishment. It is,

Shingle Repair Recommendations For A Long-Lasting Roof

Just because your home's roof is up out of your reach does not mean that it is impossible for you to handle its condition. As a homeowner, you can complete some simple repairs on your roof to make updates and keep it in good condition until it is time for it to be replaced with a new roof and shingles. Here are some recommendations that you can use to maintain and mak

Roof Replacement Tips for Dealing with Worn Shingles and Old Repairs

It is important to know when your shingles are too worn and need to be replaced. The roof replacement also gives you a lot of options for improvements, so now is the time to start planning. Here is some roof replacement information that will help you replace your old shingles: Inspecting wear and find signs that a replacement is needed Annual roof inspections will ide

Advantages Of Cedar Shake For Your Home's Roof

The choice of material to use in your home's roof is always going to be a major factor that should be given considerable thought. Otherwise, homeowners may simply choose asphalt shingles or other common options without first exploring the full range of roofing materials that are available. In particular, cedar shakes are a type of roofing that homeowners will frequent

Wood, Composite, or Slate Shingles? A Comparison Guide

When it comes to roofing and shingles, you have more than just one option. Explore wood, composite, and slate shingles for your next roofing project. This way, when you hire a roofing company, you're able to be more educated about your options and can pick the best roofing solution for your needs. Wood Wood shingles are made of cedar or redwood, which are both natural