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Wood, Composite, or Slate Shingles? A Comparison Guide

When it comes to roofing and shingles, you have more than just one option. Explore wood, composite, and slate shingles for your next roofing project. This way, when you hire a roofing company, you're able to be more educated about your options and can pick the best roofing solution for your needs.


Wood shingles are made of cedar or redwood, which are both naturally water-resistant and bug-repelling, can be installed on your roof for a more classic approach to rooftop designs. You can also go with wood shakes, which are like shingles but not uniform in cut or design and offer a more cottage-like, charming appeal. You can choose wood shingles for your roofing project if you want a more natural design for your home and you want to focus on curb appeal.


Are you on a budget and just want a roofing material that will do its job and put more money in your pocket? Consider composite shingles, which are among the more popular shingle styles on the market and an easy installation project for your roofing company to complete. While composite shingles do come in some standard styles, you won't get a lot of versatility in your design options when choosing this basic option.

However, you'll save money and labor on the roofing project, so consider composite shingles when you want a complete and reliable roof to add home value and protect your home's foundation. Composite shingles cost around $7.75–$14.50 per square foot installed.


Are you going upscale with your home renovation and you want your roof to match? Then consider slate shingles, which are ornate and long-lasting. You can get slate shingles installed in a variety of colors and designs, and can even have the shingles match your home's color. Certain shapes and custom designs may cost extra, although you can get synthetic slate shingles if you wish.

No matter what materials you choose for your home's roofing project, you should always have a professional roofing company remove your old shingles and do the roofing project. The costs for a new roof vary depending on many factors, from when you have your roof put on to the square footage being covered. When you invest in your roof, you help protect your home and keep your investment going strong. A roofing company can give you a quote for services based on the materials you choose for your roof and other factors.