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Advantages Of Cedar Shake For Your Home's Roof

The choice of material to use in your home's roof is always going to be a major factor that should be given considerable thought. Otherwise, homeowners may simply choose asphalt shingles or other common options without first exploring the full range of roofing materials that are available. In particular, cedar shakes are a type of roofing that homeowners will frequently fail to effectively consider.

Cedar Roofing's Rich Aesthetics

Cedar will have a distinctive appearance to it that will help to give your home a warm and unique appearance. Due to the fact that cedar shakes are made from natural wood, there will be slight changes and variations in the cedar shakes that help to create a pattern. This can further add to the appearance of the roof while also ensuring that the home's roof will be unique in its appearance. There can also be variations in the darkness of this wood, which can give you additional freedom when choosing between darker or lighter colored cedar shakes.

Its Extreme Durability

The durability of a material will be one of the more important factors in assessing whether it will be suitable for use on a roof. The roof of a building will have to weather extreme conditions that can cause many materials to break down or to require extensive maintenance. Cedar is an extremely durable material that will be treated to help it resist the impacts of water exposure. While cedar shake roofing will need to care, this will usually be limited to having it cleaned and a new protective coating applied every two or three years.

Cedar Shakes Are Energy Efficient

For homeowners that make an effort to improve the energy efficiency of their home when they are installing new roofing, cedar shake can be an excellent choice. This type of wood will be relatively dense, which can reduce the ability of heat to pass through it. Furthermore, it will usually be a relatively light color, and this will help it to reflect as much of the sunlight as possible. In contrast, black asphalt shingles will absorb this heat, which can cause it to be radiated back into the home's interior.

Cedar shake roofing options should be considered y anyone that is currently looking for a new roofing option for their house. When a person is aware of the fact that these shakes will be able to provide a pleasing and rich aesthetic while offering extreme durability and energy-efficiency, the option of cedar shake for their roof may become far more appealing.