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Hail Can Cause Widespread Damage To Shingles And Lead To The Need For A Roof Replacement

If your roof is still fairly new, you might be surprised when a roofer tells you it should be replaced after a bad storm. Damage from hail is sometimes difficult to see and appreciate, so it might look like your roof could be repaired. Here's a look at why a roofing replacement is often necessary when an asphalt shingle roof has hail damage.

The Granules Are Knocked Off

When hail impacts the asphalt shingles, the jolt knocks the protective granules off. You might see the little granules in your gutter or on the ground around your home. The granules play an important part in protecting the shingles from aging and sun damage. With the granules gone, your roof ages faster and is at a higher risk of leaking.

The Shingles Are Damaged

The amount and type of shingle damage are determined by the size of the hail. Large hail does a lot more damage than small hail, but even small hail can ruin a roof. Another thing to consider is that different types of roofing materials are rated for surviving different sizes of hail. Budget shingles may sustain a lot of damage from small hail, while luxury shingles survive a storm with larger hail.

Hail can cause shingles to dent, crack, separate, and lift from the roof. All this damage increases the risk of leaking. The damage also makes your roof more vulnerable during the next storm.

Leaks Are Often Delayed

A hailstorm accelerates the aging of your roof and puts it at risk of leaking, but the roof might not leak immediately after a storm. You don't want to put off having a roofer check your shingles after a hailstorm because your insurance company has a clock running on paying for a roof replacement. If you wait too long, the insurance company may not pay to replace your roof since they can say the leaks were due to neglect.

When the damage is widespread and affects many shingles, a roofing replacement is usually the best way to restore your roof, and having your new roof put on in a timely manner could help you avoid a roof leak and the water damage it causes.

A way to estimate how much your roof was damaged from hail is to look at your gutters and siding. If other parts of your home and property have dents and cracks, that's a good sign your roof was damaged too. However, the only way to know for sure is to have your roof checked by a roofer who is familiar with hail damage and knows what to look for once they get on your roof. For more information, contact a company like Mapco Exteriors LLC