From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips


What Are The Causes Of Roof Damage After A Storm?

Experiencing roof damage after a storm can be devastating. After all, the roof plays a vital role in protecting your entire family and possessions. Besides, the roof is a major investment, so its replacement can be costly. When a roof is damaged, it's crucial to contact the roof storm damage repair professionals immediately. If you wait longer or ignore the problem, t

Taking Care Of Your Commercial Roof

If you're about to install a new commercial flat roof, you need to understand exactly how it should be installed and how to maintain it. Commercial flat roofs can last a long time, but you need to make sure that you are paying attention to them by doing regular inspections. You also need to make sure that you are doing what is necessary to keep it looking its best. He

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Roofing Installation

Residential roofing installation is a complex process that requires an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. Before you make the decision to hire a residential roofing contractor, it's important to ask the right questions and understand what is involved in the installation of your home's new roof. This article will answer four frequently asked questions about resi

4 Types Of Residential Roofing To Compare Before Getting A New Roof

There are several good choices in residential roofing, so it can be hard to choose just the right one when you're putting a new roof on your home. If your roof had asphalt shingles before and you were happy with them, you might get shingle roofing again. But, you might want higher-quality shingles or a different color. Talk to your roofer about the best type of roofin

Why Most Homes Have Roofing Felt

When installing a roof on your home, one aspect of the roof installation process is laying down the felt. This material is placed between the roof decking and the shingles. The felt is made up of a base that contains either natural or synthetic materials. The felt is then covered in a protective coating.  Protecting Your Home from Leaks Roofing felt assists your