From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

Shingle Roofs Come With Advantages You Should Know About

If you need a new roof, consider going with shingles, as they can give you a roof with integrity for an affordable price. There are many reasons they make the best roofs for many people. This article will cover some features of shingles you should know: 

Shingles Are Cheap

Shingles are popular because they're one of the most affordable types of roofs. First, they're one of the cheapest to install. This is due to the materials and the installation both costing less than many other roofs. 

They keep on saving you money because the minor repairs usually won't cost much. Finally, shingle roofs last a long time, saving you money on early replacement. 

Shingles Look good

Shingles will give you a good-looking roof. The shingles come in a wide range of styles and colors, so you can go with ones that work with your home's color scheme. 

They have a textured look that adds depth and come in different shapes. Also, they're resistant to a lot of types of damage, keeping the roof looking better for longer. Some of the things they're damage-resistant to include: 

Shingles Are Easy to Maintain

Roof shingles are easy to maintain and keep clean. When the roof's in good shape, the roofer can inspect it quickly and know if there are problem areas. If there are, then the repairs that are caught early are often easy fixes. 

Cleaning the roof is also simple and mainly consists of the roofer removing leaves that collect in the valley. This can be done fast and helps prevent future issues like mold growth. 

Shingles Are Energy Efficient

Shingles can help with your home's energy efficiency. One thing that makes them great for energy efficiency is their reflective qualities. The shingles have granules on them that help reflect the sun's rays away. This means the sun won't beat on the roof, causing the heat to come inside.   

The shingles also add another layer of insulation to the roof. This prevents draftiness and temperature absorption. The design of shingles allows air to flow through the right spaces to prevent moisture from building up. 

Also, since the shingles are so durable and resistant to damage, they can withstand storms well. This means you don't have to worry about your roof failing in a storm and the outside temperatures coming in through the ceiling. 


This article has hopefully given you enough information to realize why you should have shingles installed on your roof. You can contact the roofer and get started on choosing the colors and styles so that you get the roof you want, soon.