From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

A Solar Rooftop Upgrade

A roofing system that contains solar shingles can beautify your commercial structure and save on energy costs. This type of system may utilize a similar design to a standard asphalt shingle rooftop.

Solar Roofing Products

Roofing materials that are designed to look like standard shingles may be installed in a similar manner to an asphalt rooftop. Although the solar shingles will look like basic ones, they will contain a material that will absorb and store sunlight. Solar roofing products may require the use of nails and other fasteners. Solar roofing products can be intertwined with basic roofing products.

A roofing contractor will advise you on choosing materials that will effectively store an adequate amount of energy. The size of your commercial building may reflect upon the type of products that a contractor will recommend that you use for the roofing project. Solar roofing materials are weather resistant and thermally-insulated. 

The Installation

Before a rooftop is upgraded, a full assessment should be conducted. A roofing contractor will detect if there are any leaks that could require that materials are upgraded within the attic or top story of your building. A solar roofing system will need to be installed over decking materials. Decking materials will comprise the bottom layer of a new roof. First, a contractor will determine if roofing materials that are already on your building will be covered up or torn off and replaced.

Some roofing materials may be designed to be installed over existing ones. If the roof is in relatively good shape, you may want to pursue the addition of a limited amount of solar roofing shingles. A contractor will use an overlapped design when securing the solar shingles to the rooftop. Roofing products can be used to create a unique pattern. Large solar shingles can be used to create a grid-like design that runs across the rooftop.

The location of your business and whether or not sunlight directly hits the rooftop can influence the type of solar products that are used. Many consumers who use a solar setup may need to use electricity as a backup energy source.

The shingles will effectively store energy on days when it is sunny out. On days when it isn't sunny, your roofing contractor may advise you to use your normal energy source. A commercial roofing service provider may offer renewable materials that will be cost-effective. During the inspection, the contractor will outline the cost of labor and all of the materials that will be needed for the solar roofing upgrade.