From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

Get An Inspection If You See Water Pooling On Your Newly Built Home Today

If you have a home that you just built a handful of years ago, but you already have roofing problems, you want to call a roofing contractor. You don't want to postpone this inspection in case there are serious roofing concerns that are compromising the structure of your roof and home.

You will want to go through your building contract and the roofing information. This will allow you to see if the roof is still covered under the building contract and if there are warranties on the roofing materials. Here are some of the things the roofing contractor will look for.

Building Imperfections

If the roofing complications are occurring because the house had some building imperfections, you shouldn't be responsible for paying for the damages. You will need to have a building contractor assess the building quality and verify the imperfections and why you now have roofing complications. There is usually a builder's warranty, but this could be expired.

Poor Quality Installation

There are things that occur over time right after a house is built, like nail pops and foundation movement from settling, but these shouldn't cause major problems. If the roofing contractor can see there are obvious flaws from improper installation, you may have a legal case on your hands.

If the contractor can prove that the roof wasn't installed to meet the proper building codes, or even done dangerously and your family and home were in danger, you may want to get a lawyer. This way you can get the builder or original roofing company to pay for the damages.

Water Damages  

Water damages cause flaws throughout the roof. The problems that occur when the roof is exposed to water include:

Water damage will need to be addressed immediately. You will get an estimate for the work that needs to be done and these are problems you can't hesitate fixing quickly.

Get more than one inspection so you can compare the prices of the work that needs to be done. If there aren't any warranties or contracts that will get your assistance on the work that needs to be done, then you should talk with your homeowner's insurance agent.

Your homeowner's insurance company may allow you to make a claim, based on the coverage that you have, so you can get some assistance on the cost of the repairs.