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3 Reasons Why Snap Lock Metal Roofing Is A Good Option For Your Home

If you've decided to get a metal roof for your home, you need to choose the style of metal roofing you want. The styles are made in different ways, and they have different prices. Snap-lock metal roofing is a popular choice for residential purposes since it has an attractive appearance, is easy to repair, and is resistant to leaking. Here's how these three qualities make this type of metal roofing a good choice. 

1. Snap-Lock Roofing Has A Sleek Appearance 

These metal roofing panels come in standard widths, but the length of the panels can be customized. The panels can be extruded at your home so they have the exact length needed. Custom length is important since that means there are fewer seams to leak. Plus, when the panels don't have to be joined with seams along the length of the panels, the roof has a sleek appearance that isn't disturbed by seams and screws.

A snap lock roof has seams along the width of the panel. These are standing seams, and they're more visually appealing than flat seams that show screws. With standing seams that snap together, there are no screws visible on the panels.

2. Snap-Lock Panels Shed Water And Resist Leaking

This type of metal roofing is not necessarily waterproof, but it is water resistant because of the way the roof sheds water and snow. With no screws and line seams to allow water to leak through, the standing seam panels are also resistant to leaking. However, it's best to use snap-lock metal roofing on homes with a slope. Your roofer can determine if your home has a steep enough pitch for this type of metal roof.

The panels are attached to the roof with fasteners rather than having screws make holes in the panels. The fasteners are attached to the roof deck with screws and the fasteners attach to the panels. As a new panel is added and snapped over its neighbor panel, the fasteners become covered by the roofing so none are exposed to rain or sun.

This is much different from lesser-quality metal roofing which has flat seams and screws that pass through the roofing panels and into the deck to create the potential for roof leaks.

3. Snap-Lock Metal Roofing Is Easy To Repair

Since there are fewer problems with screws backing out or holding rain and getting rusty, you may find snap lock panels need fewer repairs. Also, without any flat seams on the roof, there are fewer seams that could leak. If a metal panel is damaged by a storm, it's fairly easy to repair since the seam can be opened so the panel can be removed from the fasteners and taken off the roof.

Another option in metal roofing is mechanically seamed panels that use a machine to fold the standing seam over once or twice to keep out the rain. While this type of roofing is more watertight, it is also very difficult to remove if a panel needs to be replaced.

Snap-lock metal roofing is a good choice when considering it along with corrugated exposed fastener panels and mechanically seamed panels. Plus, you'll get metal roofing that could last the rest of your life for a price that falls between the other options.

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