From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

Useful Information About Residential Roof Replacement

Without the knowledge of a professional roofer, it can be easy for a homeowner to unknowingly allow their roof to develop problems. Although residential roof problems are sometimes obvious, the problems are not usually obvious until the damage has been present for a long time. For example, if the roof has had a missing shingle for a long time without the homeowner knowing, rainwater may have been deteriorating the deck for a while. Long-term deck deterioration leads to a hole developing that allows rainwater to leak inside the house. If rainwater leaks into your home when it rains, the roof may have deteriorated beyond repair and need to be replaced.

When Should a Damaged Roof Be Replaced? 

Determining if your roof should be replaced is not easy, as certain types of damage can be repaired. For example, a roof with shingles might need to be replaced if there are granules on the ground, but sometimes the damaged shingles will only need to be replaced. However, if your roof leaks, has damaged shingles, or has other problems, replacement is likely necessary. A roof that has not received any repairs for a long time might need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you want to make sure your roof must be replaced before making the investment, hire a roofer for a professional opinion.

How Long Will a New Roof Last?

Getting a new roof is wise because it should last for a couple of decades before needing to be replaced again. The durability of a new roof actually depends on how well a homeowner takes care of the roof, such as by performing occasional inspections. The goal is to nip small problems in the bud before they grow and cause the roof to deteriorate in an untimely fashion. A roof that is regularly repaired when it is necessary will last a lot longer than a roof that is neglected. Keep in mind that protecting your new roof involves keeping pests away as well, especially ants and termites.

Is Roof Replacement an Affordable Expense?

If your home needs a new roof, it will actually be one of the costliest expenses regarding home repairs. However, it is possible that your home insurance provider might pay for all or a portion of the expenses on your behalf. The square footage of your roof, the complexity of construction, and a few other things will determine the overall price. Expect to pay several thousand dollars if you are paying for the roof without assistance from an insurance company. Ask a roofer if you need a specific quote.

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