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4 Problems Caused By A Leaking Roof And Why You Need A Roofing Contractor

Few things are more comforting than knowing you have an intact roof over your head during the rainy season. Your roof forms a barrier against rainwater, and you are assured that your property is safe from water damage. However, this might not be the case if you have an old and worn-out roof. Water may get through your roof and cause irreparable damage. This article will break down problems caused by a leaking roof and why you need to seek immediate roof repair services.

1. Mold Infestation

When water gets into your home, it will seep into your walls, carpet, and furniture, creating moist conditions that favor mold growth. Besides being unattractive, mold releases dangerous spores in the air that cause severe respiratory disorders for your family members. You may get the mold remediation team to deal with the issue, but the mold will be back in no time if its root cause is not addressed. The best way to prevent another infestation is to repair or replace the old roof. This way, your home will be dry and mold-free.

2. Wood Root

Water is wood's worst enemy. When water penetrates through the roof material, its next destination is on the wood supporting your roof. And with time, the wood will start absorbing the water, which kick-starts the process of wood rot. You do not want rotten roof trusses, joists, and rafters. Your entire roof will be weak and could collapse without warning. A collapsed roof could mean total home destruction. Want to avoid roof collapse costs? Have your expired roof replaced as soon as possible.

3. Insulation Damage

If your old roof is leaking, insulation damage may be inevitable. Your insulation prevents heat loss to help cut your energy bills. If your insulation fails, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to cover your power bills. And you will need to incur another cost to replace the insulation. You can avoid these additional costs by seeking immediate roof repair or replacement services when you notice irreparable roof damage or if your roof is expired.

4. Fire Hazards

Water could find its way into the electrical wires in your home, creating short circuits. This might lead to an electrical fire. A house fire could be the end of your home or even your family. So if you are looking for a more convincing reason to repair or replace your leaky and expired roof, this should do it.

A leaking roof is dangerous to your property, finances, and health. Thankfully, a roofing contractor can help repair or remove the worn-out roof and replace it with a new one. You will get to say goodbye to regular repair calls, and your home will look more beautiful.

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