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3 Ways You Know Your Roof Is Damaged And Needs A Roofer To Repair It

A lot of homeowners only realize that their roofs are damaged when they start seeing obvious signs like water leaking inside the house. However, before the damage reaches this level, the roof will have shown other signs of deterioration. It is advisable to repair the roof as early as possible because a bad roof leads to loss of money, an uncomfortable home, and even possible damages and injuries should the roof collapse. The best way to maintain your roof in perfect shape is by inspecting it regularly so you can quickly notice when it's weak or damaged. Call a roofer to repair your roof once you notice these three signs of damage.

When the Walls Have Stains and Discoloration

The first clue that your roof is damaged is the stains you see on the walls. The stains normally develop over a period because of slow leaks through holes on the roof. The water that seeps into the house is typically dirty because it is mixed up with the dirt on the roof. When it runs on your wall paint repeatedly, it leaves brown stains on it.

The water also stains your ceiling and might form circular rings, especially on soft ceiling boards. In this case, hire a roofer to inspect the roof and determine which parts are ruined and might need repairs. The damage signs the roofer sees will help them figure out the kind of repairs your roof needs.

When the Roof Is Sagging

A sagging roof is a serious safety hazard in your home. Roofs sag because the material itself has developed weaknesses that are affecting its structural integrity. The roof might also start sagging when the supporting materials such as the rafters and the truss weaken, leaving it without the needed support to remain intact. Sagging roofs can also signify deep foundation problems. If your roof is sagging, contact a roofing contractor to come and assess the condition of your roof. They can tell whether it is the roofing material that needs repairs or the supporting structures.

When the Roof Is Visibly Damaged

It is advisable to hire an experienced roofer from time to time to inspect the condition of your roof. Some of the visible damages they might spot include missing and damaged shingles, signs of rotten and decaying parts of the roof, loose debris on the roof, and damaged chimneys and flashing. They could also help you check the extent to which your roof is physically damaged. 

The best remedy for a damaged roof is timely repairs. When you repair your roof at the right time, you protect it from further deterioration and also prolong the life of your roof and the entire residential property. 

For more information about residential roofing services and repairs, contact a local roofer.