From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

Damages That Could Lead To A Roof Replacement

If you are to be a responsible and informed homeowner, you will need to have a strong understanding about the potential sources of damage that the house can be likely to suffer. Understanding the reasons that you may need to invest in having your roof replaced can be critical information for allowing you to better manage your property.

Extensive Leaking

Leaking can be a frequent reason for homeowners to need to have their roofs replaced. To lead to the entire roofing needing to be replaced, the leaking will have to be fairly widespread as it would otherwise be possible to simply patch the leak. Also, a replacement could be required if the roof has suffered water damage due to moisture entering through the opening.

Major Wind Damage

Wind damage is another common cause of a roof needing to be replaced. The forces that strong winds are able to exert on the roof can lead to sections of it being removed. While this will often result in shingles being blown off, it can also lead to the roof itself detaching from the home, loosening, or encountering other significant structural problems. Unfortunately, the major structural issues that wind damage can cause may not always be obvious at first, and this can lead to a homeowner neglecting to have these repairs made.

Tree Damage

Trees can be another frequent source of major damage to a home's roof. In addition to the risk of large branches crashing through the roof, they may also rub against it and strip away shingles. While a roof replacement will be able to correct these damages after they occur, a homeowner may want to reduce the risks of these damages arising by having any large tree branches near the home removed. This may alter the appearance of the property, but protecting the home's roof can be worth this sacrifice.

When your home's roof has suffered enough damage to need to be replaced, a homeowner will have to have this work done quickly if they are to preserve the structural integrity of the house. Understanding three of the most common types of damage that can lead to the roof being replaced will allow you to both be better prepared for when these issues arise as well as taking steps to reduce the risk of these problems developing in the first place. This may significantly extend the life of your roof or allow you to appreciate the need to choose durable materials for it. Contact a roof replacement service for more information.