From Asphalt Shingles to Zinc Strips

A Metal Roof Is An Attractive Choice For Your Vacation Cabin That Lasts A Long Time

If you bought a vacation home in a wooded setting, you want to make the home as secure as possible when you'll be away for days or weeks at a time. The type of roofing you choose could make a big difference for a home that's surrounded by trees and wildlife. If your cabin needs a new roof soon, you may want to consider metal. Here are a few reasons why.

Metal Has A Smooth Surface

One advantage of metal is that it has a smooth surface. This helps leaves, pine cones, and other tree debris slide off more easily than they would off a shingle or wood shake roof. Snow slides off metal more easily too, and that could be beneficial during heavy snows, especially if you're not around to clear snow off the roof.

Metal Protects Against Fire

No matter what type of roofing you choose for your cabin, you probably want one with the highest fire rating possible. Fires can spread quickly through trees and brush, and the embers can float through the air and land on your roof. Metal doesn't ignite, so you have maximum protection against a roof fire from flying embers and lightning too.

Metal Roofing Looks Attractive On Cabins

Metal is a good choice in roofing for a cabin. You might want a green, red, or orange roof to contrast the wood or rustic siding your cabin might have. Both tiny cabins and large luxury cabin homes look attractive with metal roofing. Plus, metal is durable and holds its attractive appearance for a long time, unlike some other roofing materials that slowly degrade and look worn out.

Metal Provides Good Security

A cabin out in nature faces potential threats from wildlife. Wildlife can get on the roof easily if trees are very close to the cabin. Raccoons, rats, birds, bears, and other wildlife can do a lot of damage to some types of roofing. Metal is harder to destroy, and since it's not made of natural materials, it doesn't attract animal and insect pests like wood shakes might.

Metal Doesn't Need Many Repairs

Metal isn't indestructible, but it is durable enough to last for decades. Because it's a tough material, it shouldn't need much maintenance over the years. That's a nice benefit for a vacation home where you may not spend much time and don't want to waste time replacing shingles and making other repairs when you visit.

A metal roof is easy to care for, durable, and attractive. It could be the perfect choice for your cabin when you need a roof you can depend on to protect your home when you're not around.

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