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Clear Your Gutters Before Temperatures Drop

Your roof is prone to many weather-related issues. When temperatures wind down post-summer, your roof may become more susceptible to certain weather-related challenges. Your roof's gutters are especially prone to serious issues. 

Want to know how to take care of your roof's gutters so that they withstand the fall, winter, and spring months? This is what you need to know.

Debris in Gutters Freezes

If you leave debris in your gutters, like twigs and leaves, it can freeze. When this debris clogs your gutter, it can cause sagging, out-of-shape gutters. If the gutter gets too heavy, you might even notice it pulling away from the home.

Ice can back up to the roof itself, which presents its own set of problems and challenges. Melting ice needs a pathway away from the home, but a clogged gutter does not provide one. Get rid of the materials in the gutter before the first ice of the season.

Poor Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Also notable is the fact that if the gutter does pull away, it can damage your roof and home. It can also suffer from water damage if water is continuously splashing over the side of the gutter. If the water works its way inside your home, you could be dealing with mold and mildew.

If ice backs up to the roof, it can work its way under the shingles and cause damage to your roof itself. If the roof's structure becomes damaged, you may need extensive repairs for your home. The sooner you address gutter and roofing issues, the better.

Take Care When Clearing

It is also important that you take care of yourself when you clear out the gutters. Roofs are dangerous for those who are not used to standing on them, especially with the many slopes involved. A lot of people rely on professional roofing contractors to take care of this issue.

Professionals are also experts at spotting potential issues that may arise before they are actually significant problems. A roofing pro will look for things that you may not notice, potentially saving you from real roof damage in the coming months.

Talk to a Roofing Professional

Many people do not associate gutters with roofing, but roofing contractors handle both issues. If you have questions about your roof's gutters, it is important that you talk to a professional roofing contractor about any potential hazards to your roof and gutters.