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Three Things To Do If You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency roof repairs can be stressful, but you can navigate the problem quickly if you know what to do. If your roof suffers damage from a storm, the following three steps can help you get it repaired quickly.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

The first call after you notice storm damage on your roof needs to be to your home insurance company. They will send out an insurance adjuster to document the damage and begin the process of filing a claim. Be aware of your deductible for the damage, as in some cases it is not worthwhile to file a claim. For example, if the repair ends up costing less than your deductible, it may make more sense to pay the roofer out of your own pocket.

Further, if there is widespread storm damage in your area, there may be a delay in the adjuster arriving. If your damage is severe enough to warrant concern, verify with your insurance company whether you can begin getting quotes and scheduling repairs ahead of the adjuster coming out to the property.

2. Install Temporary Protection

Often you will need to apply a temporary patch to prevent leaks and further damage until a repair can be made. Proper tarping techniques provide a sturdy patch that can last several months, if needed. This is a good thing, since sometimes your repair may be delayed if a storm caused a large swath of damages in your area.

Although you can apply the patch yourself, it is a better idea to have a roofer perform it. First, they can assess the roof to ensure all of the damaged sections are covered. The roofer will also have the knowledge and equipment to install a tarp correctly in order to stand up to future storms. This means pulling it tautly and securing it to the roof in a  manner where it won't come loose or leak.

3. Get at Least Three Repair Quotes

You need to get at least three quotes for any repair. Some insurance companies even require a minimum number of quotes. Even if your insurance does not, multiple quotes ensure that you get the best price. Generally, the middle quote is likely the best one, as it will probably balance value, quality, and service accurately.

One warning, though. Avoid "fly by night" roofing companies that don't have a history of doing work in your area, especially if your town was hit by a major storm. These storm chasers won't stick around in your area long enough for you to have any recourse if the work performed is not up to standard.

Contact a residential roofer in your area, such as Integrity Roofing Company, if you have suffered storm damage.