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Do You Have A Basement Foundation Problem?

Many people are excited to learn that a home has a basement. And, while a basement can be a wonderful option for extra storage or for use as a fun bonus room, its foundation can frequently develop problems. Problems with the basement foundation can affect the structural integrity of the entire home. Thus, it's important to regularly have your foundation inspected and to be aware of some of the common problems plaguing these types of foundations.

Warped Walls

If you notice that the walls of your basement appear warped or like they are leaning inward, you might think this is a problem with the walls themselves. In truth, though, this type of issue is often due to a problem with your basement foundation.

Excessive water build-up underneath and around the foundation causes pressure to form. And, unfortunately, that pressure is often unleashed on your walls. Over time, this can give them the bowed or leaning appearance you may be seeing.

If left untreated, this issue will only get worse and can lead to cracking of both the walls and the foundation. Thus, if you notice any warping, movement, or damage to your walls, call a professional to check your foundation.

Creaking Floors

When you walk around your basement, keep your ears open. Does it sound like the floor is creaking with every step?

If so, this could mean that your foundation has settled unevenly. This could be due to an error during the installation process or to problems that have developed over time, often as a result of unexpected soil composition once the top layers have eroded.

There are, thankfully, many methods for fixing this type of undesirable settling, but it's important to act quickly before the problem has the chance to cause major damage.

Mold Growth

Mold is a common problem in basements. When too much moisture is present within the basement, which can happen for many foundation-related reasons, mold growth can become rampant. And, when it does, it can affect your breathing, your health, and your quality of life.

If you notice mold, it's important to have a professional identify its exact cause. Resolving any structural or foundation issues, in fact, is often the best long-term solution for ridding the basement of mold and its consequential effects.

As you can see, all kinds of problems can befall a basement foundation. However, with careful attention on your part and regular care and inspections from a professional, you can combat them before they have a chance to do serious harm.

If you notice your basement has any of these issues, look into basement foundation repair.