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What To Expect When Having A New Shingle Roof Installed

You might have decided to have a new roof installed on your home, and you might have opted for asphalt shingles. You might have chosen asphalt shingles because that is what is already on your roof, or you might have just been looking for a reliable yet affordable option. Now that you have chosen your roofing material and picked a roofing contractor, you might be wondering what to expect. These are some of the things that you can typically expect when having a new shingle roof installed.

The Old Shingles Will Probably Be Removed First

In some cases, homeowners and roofing professionals choose to install a new roof on top of an old one. In most cases, though, old shingles will be removed before any new ones are added. This makes it easier for the roofing crew to look for possible problems underneath your shingles, and it will provide them with a nice, clean slate for installing the new shingles.

Shingles Will Be Put in Place Carefully

It might not seem like installing new asphalt shingles on the roof is a very complicated process. However, experienced roofing professionals know the proper way to install shingles. This will help you ensure that your home is properly protected from the elements, and it will help you ensure that the shingles stay properly in place on windy days. It can also help you ensure that your new roof looks good, both right after the installation and well into the future.

The Roof Will Be Inspected

Hopefully, your roof will be properly installed the first time around. Still, a reputable roofing professional should carefully inspect your roof before leaving the property. Then, they can make sure that everything has been handled properly and that the job has been completed in the right way.

Your Property Will Be Cleaned

After the roof inspection is taken care of, the team of roofers who have been working at your home will then focus on cleaning up your property. Typically, roofing professionals will maintain a neat and tidy worksite. However, there is the possibility that roofing nails or tacks will find their way into various places around your home and that there might be stray shingles or other garbage left on the property. Roofing professionals will use magnets to find all of the nails and tacks and will make sure that all of the garbage is properly disposed of. They will also pack up all of their tools and other equipment so that they can leave your property in the same condition that it was in when they arrived.

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