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Some Great Things About Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are common in some parts of the country. Tile roofing has an obvious look to it, and it goes well with certain styles of homes. Good examples of classic homes with tile roofing are homes in the Southwest with a more Spanish or Mediterranean style to them. Along with achieving a certain look, there are other great things about tile roofs that you may be interested in learning more about and here are some examples of a few of those great things:

Tile roofs can be lightweight

In the past, clay tiles were commonly used, and they were heavy, causing them to require some extra reinforcement measures that wouldn't be necessary with a lot of other types of roofs, and this caused some to shy away from them. However, the great news is that the tiles that are now used are lightweight, and this gives homeowners all the benefits of tile roofing without the concerns about the need for such reinforcement measures.

Tile comes in many colors

While most tile roofs feature the more traditional reddish-colored tiles, there are many color options available. This lets you go with a tile that is going to complement the exterior of your home well. A couple of the different colors you will find available are moss green or deep blue.

Tile roofs handle the elements well

It's important to know you can trust in the roof to protect your family and everything else under it in those harsh weather conditions and for years to come. Tile roofs have long life-expectancies, and they do well in areas with constant high temperatures, high winds, strong rainstorms, and more. They also tend to offer flexibility that causes them to be a good choice in areas where there are earthquakes.

Tile roofs add more texture to the home

Most roofs have a flat surface to them. However, if you decide to have a tile roof put on your home, then you also get to take advantage of that extra texture it brings to the exterior of the home, and this can be especially helpful if you already wish that your home had a little more detail to it.


If you are trying to decide what type of roof will be right for your own house, then consider a tile roof. If some of it's many benefits happen to be ones that you'll find best for your needs, then the decision should be easy. To learn more about tile roofing, contact roofers in your area.