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Does It Mean Your Roof Needs Replacing If You Lose Roof Tiles?

Roofs can go for years without needing any kind of major maintenance or care, so it can come as a big wake-up call when you notice that roof tiles are falling off of your roof. Many first-time homeowners don't know what this means and whether or not it indicates that they need a full roof replacement. If that sounds like you, then here's what you should know.

Why They Fall Off

It's important to understand the distinction between your roof and the roof tiles. Roof tiles aren't the same thing as the roof. They're there to protect the roof from the worst exposure to the elements, like chronic sun exposure, extreme cold, and wet.

When your roof tiles fall off, it typically means that the roof is old and that the tiles need replacing. It doesn't mean that you'll develop a leak right away, however. Barring significant damage causing your roof tiles to fall off, like severe hail or a tree falling on your roof, the roof itself is likely still intact and going to protect your home. But that may not last forever without the tiles.

Repair Vs Replacement

In this situation, you have an option. You can choose to act now or act later.

If you act now, chances are a professional roofer will be able to remove and replace all of your roof tiles with new, fresh ones that will keep your roof protected and safe. This is ideal because it will not only prevent you from needing a full roof replacement but is more affordable as well. Your roofer can also tell you if there are any problems with your roof and catch them before it turns into a full disaster during the wet months of the year. It's important to remember that a roof isn't supposed to go without the protection of its tiles, so further damage can start happening just from sunlight, let alone bad weather.

However, if you wait too long, you could easily see damage done to your roof that could require a full roof replacement. For this reason, you should never wait. If you see a roof tile on the ground and know that it came from your roof, it's time to seek help from a professional.

Fallen roof tiles don't spell immediate disaster for your roof or your home, but you will eventually have one if you don't act quickly. Contact a residential roofing contractor for help and get this problem taken care of before it becomes a full roof replacement with all the hassles therein.