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Buying A New Home? Invest In A Roofing Inspection

The purchase of a new home is a major financial undertaking. Most buyers want to know that the home they purchase is in good condition. The roof can be a major source of stress after purchasing a home if problems exist within the roofing system. An inspection of the roof is always a good idea before you finalize any residential real estate purchase.

Why Inspect the Roof?

Roof repairs can be costly. Since you have no way of knowing how well the roof has been maintained when investing in a new home, it can be beneficial to have an experienced roofing contractor inspect the roofing system for any flaws.

The cost of replacing or repairing a damaged roof can be factored into the purchase price of the home and help you avoid a major unexpected expense after you take up residence in your new dwelling.

Who Should Inspect the Roof?

Potential real estate buyers typically understand that a home inspection is a necessary part of the purchase process. You must remember that a home inspector will not offer a comprehensive overview of the condition of the roof on a home you are thinking about buying.

A roofing contractor that specializes in inspections should be called to evaluate any property you are considering. These contractors can utilize infrared inspection techniques to identify weak spots in a roofing system without disturbing the actual roofing materials.

An infrared inspection uses infrared rays to identify temperature differences on the surface of the roof. Extreme hot or cold spots are typically areas that have sustained damage and are allowing heat to escape and water to leak in.

What Should a Roofing Inspection Include?

You don't have to be a roofing contractor to have a basic understanding of what a roofing inspection should include. It's important to identify any issues with the flashing, as bent or missing flashing could allow water to leak into a home.

A comprehensive inspection will also include an evaluation of the gutter system. Proper drainage is critical to the performance of residential roofing materials. Looking at the gutters can also reveal granule loss on an asphalt shingle roof, letting you know that the roof may need to be replaced sooner than later.

Any sagging or dropping areas should also be inspected for rot. An inspection that includes a thorough examination of roofing materials using visual and infrared techniques will help you identify any roofing problems you can expect to encounter after purchasing a given property.

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