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Tips for Preparing for a DIY Rolled Roofing Installation on Your Commercial Building

Does your commercial building have a flat roof that is in need of replacement? If so, one option is to install a new layer of rolled roofing material on top of the old roof. Here are some tips that will help you prepare to do this task on your own.

Measuring Tips

Start by measuring the roof to figure out the amount of material that you need to cover the roof. If the roof is a large square or rectangle, it's as simple as multiplying the width by the length to determine the square footage. If you have an odd shape to your roof, it will help to measure different square or rectangular sections and then add the total square footage together. 

Purchasing Tips

With the square footage in mind, you can now you can purchase the rolled roofing material from your local home improvement store. It is a good idea to purchase an additional 10% worth of material to get the job done. This will account for overhangs where the roofing material wraps around the edge of the roof, and mistakes that you make where roofing material is damaged.

Safety Tips

You never want to work on a roof with sneakers or canvas bottom shoes. You want to use shoes with a rubble sole that will grip to the surface that you are walking on. Even though it is a flat roof, you will still be walking along the edge of the roof at some point. It will help to wear a safety harness that will prevent you from falling off the roof. This can be tied off to a study part of the roof, such as around a chimney, with enough slack on the line to prevent you from falling off the roof.

Cleaning Tips

The surface of the roof needs to be very clean before you apply your first layer of rolled roofing material. You will want to use a push broom to get rid of all dirt and debris that may be on the surface of the roof. This will help the rolled roofing material stick to the surface, which will create a better seal and keep the water from getting through the material. You can also use a leaf blower to blow all the debris off the surface. There should be no need to clean the roof by scrubbing it unless there is visible moss and algae that needs to be removed. 

Don't feel up to the task of adding rolled roofing on your own? Contact a commercial roofing contractor like Durafoam Roofing LLC for assistance.