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Spring: The Season For Roof Maintenance

Ah, spring. It's the season of April showers, May flowers, and deep cleaning. But in between your gardening and cleaning efforts, you must make sure you spend some time focusing on your roof. Taking care of your roof now will help keep your roof, and your home in general, in better condition throughout the other three seasons. Here are three main roof maintenance tasks that should be undertaken each spring, either by you or a residential roofing service.

1. Clean the gutters.

Your gutters are an oft-neglected part of your roofing system. They are essentially a drainage system, gathering water to ensure it does not remain on your shingles for too long. If your gutters get clogged with leaves and other material, they won't drain. This, in turn, will accelerate shingle damage.

Spring is the perfect season to clean your gutters since they will likely have collected a lot of debris and grime over the past few months. This debris is not terribly hard to clean out, but doing so does require that you climb up on a ladder. If you have a two-story home, it is likely best to hire pros to clean your gutters so you don't have to climb so high. A roofing professional can also inspect your gutters for holes and patch them if needed.

2. Sweep away leaves.

When leaves are dry, they typically blow right off the roof. The problem is that in the spring, all of those April showers make the leaves on your roof pretty wet. The moist leaves cause the shingles to deteriorate, mold, and peel. So it's a good idea to have a roofing professional remove any moist leaves from your roof in the spring. They can use a long, broom-like tool to brush them away.

3. Inspect the vents.

Did you know that your roof has a series of vents? They ensure hot air can escape from your attic space. These vents help ensure your roof is not exposed to too much humidity or temperatures that are high enough to cause premature deterioration. A roofing professional will make sure the vents are clear and that you have enough vents. They can repair any damaged vents or add more vents to your home, if needed.

Spring is the season for roofing maintenance. Hire a pro to do the three things above, and you will be set for a year of home comfort.